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Digital Savoie-French Tech in the Alps-Chambéry



web application

Number of partners

Establishment Date
october 2016

Describe your business

We are developping a web application that would allow all existing applications to interact and be interconnected. This would allow the user-s to use existing application in a more efficient way and to computerize a lot of complex organisational tasks that still require a lot of time and efforts.

What about your team ?

We are three young persons, highly motivated and with very different skills. Etienne is a developer studying in Engineering School in Lyon, Yann is a network administrator in a startup in Chambéry, and Céline is a former teacher of French, and a trainer in different international organisations. She's now doing a master's degree in entrepreneurial studies in Grenoble, and she will be the one representing the team in Turin!

Who and where are your clients ?

We are targeting every app user as a potential client, and we also want to develop whithin companies, at any level. We want to start with startups, not only as clients but also as partners, mainly in our geographical area (South East of France, Switzerland and Northern Italy), before expanding. 

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+33 9 72 57 35 47