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Digital Savoie-French Tech in the Alps-Chambéry




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Describe your business

"Innata proposes textile decoration accessories made-to-measure in Alpaca fiber to luxury hotel, interior architect and conceptstores. 
Blankets, cushions, carpets and curtains adapted to your projects of decoration in Europe."

What about your team ?

"Clément, Louise and Victor met in Peru in 2012, at the University of Pacifico of Lima that they are all three bound of friendship. Three friends share their taste for the discovery and cross together numerous Andean parts of the country. They return upset, transformed, lit. Their journeys carried them towards new discoveries, towards new perspectives, towards new challenges. They begin mutualizing their know-how, their desires and their ambitions.
A few years later, in 2014, they decide to create INNATA, a natural, modern and reasoned brand in which they share their passion for the fiber of alpaca.
INNATA is before any an intimate brand. The remarkable friendship of the co-founders in the exceptional sharpness of its rooms, the brand combines the exceptions."

Who and where are your clients ?

"The clients are only professionals, like luxury hotel, interior architect and concept-stores.
They are based principally in the french Alpes and in Switzerland but we have clients everywhere in France."

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