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Digital Savoie-French Tech in the Alps-Chambéry



Mobile Technologies

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What about your team ?

Based in Quebec city, the core of the team is high-talented developers who have more than 30 years of development experience. Team is also completed with people having great talent in communication and graphic design, ready for any challenges.

Who and where are your clients ?

Our clients are for every tourism and outdoor activities areas such as: zoo, city tours, mountain bike, hiking, skiing places and associations. There are also events and festivals such as the famous Quebec Winter Carnival. If you are from a tourism organisation, outdoor activity center or event where a map is needed to enhance your visitors experience, you may need Ondago free services.

Describe your business

Ondago is an interactive maps platform allowing tourism and outdoor activities to publish their maps into a mobile application (iOS/Android/HTML). Ondago has the ability to geolocalize any kind of maps, allowing organisms to publish their own maps, even if there are artistic. Maps are interactive, intuitive, informative and are usable even when offline. Ondago is a free alternative to custom applications.

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