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Outils personnels

Digital Savoie-French Tech in the Alps-Chambéry

François COLIN - HUCO


Mobile / new technologies development 

Establishment Date

Number of partners

Describe your business

We develop new applications, with new technologies (mobile apps, multitouch tables, IoT, augmented reality, virtual reality) for new uses.
We have two type of activities. First, we provide our skills for our customers, to develop innovant projects. Second, we develop our own project : a collaborative tool to facilitate creativity, Open Innovation and project co-construction.

What about your team ?

Our team is composed of:
François COLIN, co-founder, commercial, architect
Thomas BOSVIEL, co-founder, project manager, mobile developer
David WAYNTAL, co-founder, architect, developer
Sara RUDILLA, designer
Baptiste VAUDEY, developer

Who and where are your clients ?

Our customers are other companies, which needs to discover new uses with new technologies (Proof of concept) and to digitalize their processes or products.
They are mostly in France, a little in Europe.

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Organisation phone number
+33 6 81 60 35 29