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Digital Savoie-French Tech in the Alps-Chambéry




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Describe your business

"We develop and sell Tuleap Enterprise, a software factory and suite of software engineering tools.

Enalean empowers its client to make software a competitive advantage.
We solve 3 major issues:
- Develop software better, easily and cheaply.
- Develop software at large scale with thousands of developers.
- Free your data from software prison by making sure you are not under vendor lock-in."

What about your team ?

"We are team of passionate and talented people, convinced that pleasure and freedom are a key strength to high tech development and profit.
We work as a team with agile collective approaches. We also consider business the agile way, our customers are agile with us."

Who and where are your clients ?

"""We are no longer an airline, we are a software company with wings"", says the CIO of a major US airline.
Enalean's clients are like this airline, companies doing more and more software to sustain their growth and innovation. They are big global companies having to sustain the work of tens thousands of developers as well as startups or medium businesses.

Enalean's sells worldwide, from South Korea to west America, through India and Europe."

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+33 9 81 41 96 16

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