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Outils personnels

Digital Savoie-French Tech in the Alps-Chambéry


Autorité locale de la ville de Shawinigan


Michel Angers – Maire de Shawinigan :

François Saint-Onge – Directeur de la communication de Shawinigan :

Luc Arvisais – Directeur développement économique de Shawinigan :

General Information

1863 first settlement

Local government

50 000 citizens

The City of Shawinigan finds itself in full transformation of his local economy by betting on the development of the entrepreneurship particularly in the field of the digital technology.

The goal of the economic development service for the City of Shawinigan is to support entrepreneurs and businesses to succeed starting or growing their companies in the city's juridiction.

Acteurs économiques, incubateur


  • Carl-Fréderic De-Celles  - Président fondateur de Quebec numérique

Quebec Numérique is a not for profit organisation, based in Quebec City, Canada, with the mission to "act for digital" through different projects around Quebec City digital ecosystem :
- an international conference for digital professionnals (1000 attendees at WAQ 2016 last April.)
- a digital week (Semaine Numériqc 2017)
- and activities for specific interest groups (small business eCommerce, culture, youth, startups, etc.). 


  • Denis Morin - Directeur / incubateur - Centre d’entreprenariat Desjardins de Shawinigan :

The Centre d'entrepreneuriat Alphonse-Desjardins Shawinigan is a 13 000 square meters ecosystem who gather training services, start-up support and also business incubations.


  • Philippe Nadeau – Directeur - Incubateur Digihub de Shawinigan :

DIGIHUB SHAWINIGAN is a collaborative space, a training center, an incubator for new companies and an industrial motel exclusively dedicated to the field of digital entertainment.


  • Stéphane Pipon - Président - société MDI conseils et technologies 




  • Guy Dumas - Directeur - College de Shawinigan :


Located between Montreal and Quebec City, College Shawinigan is a CEGEP (the same level as IUT in France) using cutting-edge technologies available on the market. Being an official partner of Digihub here in Shawinigan, IT programs meet current training needs in this area.